How To Win A Good Tenant

Everyone want’s to have that perfect tenant. The one that pays rent on time, is polite and doesn’t cause any issues with the above floor neighbours. Not everyone has an idea on how to find one of these hidden gems. Below are a list of different tips and tricks you can use as a landlord or property manager to attract that perfect client

Show Off Your Best Features

Property details are where fun really starts. Words do a great job selling your rent. There is significant value in your ability to articulate well, so tell potential tenants about anything you think will help with their search; 57 per cent of our clients tell us they click on a property based on features and 35 per cent value proper written explanations above other listing features. Be generous and provide extra photos.

A wonderful listing calls for amazing pictures. Use point of view to highlight the profundity (and/or width) of the property where possible. Our clients tell us pictures are their most valued feature in any listing. The typical click-through on properties with one or less photographs were 14 percent, indicating a lack of photographs can be a main barrier to tenant inquiry. The quality of your photos is key

Your main picture is a strong selling point upon initial perception. That very first thing people see is important to convince them to start reading on. Get as much light inside the room as possible before you take a photo. Our insights tell us people who are looking for a home better respond to sunny and bright rooms, and are dissuaded by blurry and dark pics, often taken without a flash.

Stop Trying To Look Like Everyone Else

People say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in this industry, it is not always the case. Seek not to copy other listings-otherwise yours would stand out from the rest. Keep your copy exciting with descriptive adjectives and tantalising imagery. Using synonyms is one easy way to enhance your copy. Instead of using ‘spacious,’ why not use ‘roomy,’ ‘ample’ or ‘sizeable’? Our subscribers tell us entries that fail to show the property’s complete picture or forget to tell us if pets are allowed are skipped over rapidly.

Lead With A Compelling Headline

Command interest with an insightful, daring headline. Some basic guidelines: Stick to only one if you have to use an exclamation mark. And just don’t write in caps where possible. Will your headline catch somebody’s attention? Is it standing out from its neighbours in the list? Give a reason to click on your listing to your prospective renters-even if it’s out of mystery.

Keep Your Local Area In Mind

Your task is to persuade a new tenant that they want not just the house but the lifestyle that accompanies them. Give them a clear understanding of what it would be like to live at this property. Address the local schools and the accessibility to public transport and supermarkets within the house. Knowing what every renter is after is tricky so cover your foundations.

Avoid using too many clichés

We have seen all of this before. Lists containing these sentences could be scrolled straight past.  A probable case of fatigue from the clichés. Try avoiding their overuse, wherever possible. And don’t exaggerate. Potential tenants are more likely to have confidence in you when they know they can trust your ads.